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Independent Living

Independent Living

Independent Living is the largest and most diverse membership section within the BHTA, supporting members whose activities range from design,manufacture,distribution,retail, service and maintenance of independent living products and services. The section has developed strong relationships with Professional and Standards bodies across the UK, EU and World, influencing product design and standards to the mutual market benefit of members. As one of the largest spending sections on Exhibition space, special arrangements and supporting seminars and discussion forums at the UK’s largest exhibitions have also benefited members.

Members in the Independent Living section have dynamic and engaging discussions on issues and challenges directly affecting them on an ongoing basis, with meeting agendas being directly influenced and supported by members.

Sub-groupings within the Section include AAC (Augmentative & Alernative Communication) and Telehealthcare.

Did you know you have a choice? is a leaflet produced by the BHTA’s Independent Living Section.