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Six things to consider when buying a second-hand stairlift

Written by experts from the BHTA Stairlifts and Access Section.

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When looking to buy a reconditioned or second-hand stairlift, consider these six essential points:

1. The stairlift is being installed by a BHTA member company or a company with whose practices and policies you are comfortable.

2. An in-home assessment is made that takes account of the person(s) using the stairlift and the staircase in which it is to be fitted. A survey should be conducted as part of the sales purchase.

3. A warranty period and service cover are included. The stairlift should be installed with a callout number supplied. Check the engineer response time.

4. Stairlifts for curved staircases have unique needs. This means when you buy are conditioned stairlift for your curved staircase, the rails should be made to measure.

5. Consider the many factors that will influence the lifespan of a stairlift. These include age, appropriate usage, number of installations, and regular service.

6. An instruction manual should be supplied for the stairlift. Upon installation, a full user demonstration must be given.