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Stiltz to launch Trio Classic L Homelift at OT Show

Last Updated on 21/11/2023 by Sarah Sarsby

British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) member Stiltz, supported by Occupational Therapist (OT) Stuart Barrow, will unveil the new Trio Classic L Homelift alongside showcase theatre sessions at the OT Show.

The Trio Classic L Homelift is designed to provide greater accessibility and comfort for manual and powered wheelchair users. It features a large platform size and specialist features that cater for diverse mobility requirements, Stiltz says.

Its future-proofing design also maintains suitability if users’ needs change over time, which is important for when OTs are assessing a client’s prognosis, according to Stiltz.

The Trio Classic L will be available for live trials on stand E35, and its ability to provide better client outcomes will be explained in the Stiltz Showcase Theatre sessions.

‘Introducing Trio Classic L – the new versatile homelift from Stiltz’ will be delivered in the Showcase Theatre at the OT Show at 12-12.30pm on 22 November and 11.30am-12pm on 23 November.

In the presentation, Mike Lord, Stiltz CEO; Gino Farruggio, Stiltz Trade Sales Director; and OT Stuart Barrow will highlight how the new homelift resolves challenging transfers for carers and wheelchair users with more complex needs.

Stuart will discuss the advantages of the Trio Classic L from an occupational point of view, Mike will provide a holistic overview of the business, and Gino will illustrate the latest assistive technology from Stiltz thatincludes remote diagnostics.

In addition, the latest Stiltz customer video will be broadcast, which highlights the occupational advantages of a homelift for paediatric clients and their families.

The Trio Classic L Homelift has a wider, fully powered door, which facilitates easier ingress for larger powered wheelchairs, enhanced by near-level access. The lift car is fully enclosed for added safety and reassurance, whether standing or in a wheelchair. There is the option for full or half-height doors. The homelift has a safe working load of 250kg.

Stiltz Trio Classic L image

Stuart commented: “As an Occupational Therapist when working with a client and looking at their home environment there are key considerations during the assessment process.

“I would look at mobility and can this be enhanced or maintained. Independence in daily activities. Safety and falls prevention. Mental health, social engagement, ageing in place and customisation and specific needs of the client and if applicable their family.

“I would then look at energy conservation, hobbies, leisure and interests at home, and how to support care givers when looking at suitable adaptations. It is great to have this new homelift to complement the existing Stiltz range as this opens up more options to facilitate identified needs at home.”