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Stoma and Continence Manufacturers

Stoma and Continence Manufacturers

Chairs and Vice Chairs:
◉ Paul Newman, Peak Medical (Chair)
◉ David Dawson, Becton Dickinson (Vice Chair)

Upcoming section meeting
7 February 2024
Virtual via Microsoft Teams

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15 May and 18 September 2024 – Next Section Meetings
20-21 May 2024 – ACP Liverpool
28 Sept – 1 Oct 2024 – ASCN Glasgow (joint with WCET)

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MHRA Guidance 
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NHSE COI Guidance
Part IX Position paper


The businesses in this section are all manufacturers of medical devices listed in Part IX A, B and C of the Drug Tariff which are provided to patients via an FP10 prescription through Pharmacy, Dispensing Doctors and Dispensing Appliance Contractors. The membership is made up of small, medium enterprises as well as large multinational organisations. Member companies are represented on the Part IX Industry Drug Tariff Committee, which was formed in the early 1990s to represent companies supplying medical devices through prescription to the public, as listed in Part IX of the Drug Tariff. They are also represented on the PIPs Forum (Patients Industry Professionals Forum), a partnership between Patient Groups, Industry and Professional Groups involved in stoma and continence care, which officially launched in 2001 to address issues and challenges for patients, professionals and industry-working in stoma and continence care. They are also members of the Scottish Stoma Forum which is a national reference group with representatives from patient groups, healthcare professionals and industry.

Aims and objectives:

  • We will continue to ensure swift access & adoption of service developments and innovations 
  • Utilise national reimbursement systems which facilitate the use of the most appropriate product for the clinical needs of the patient
  • We will promote the benefits of the Drug tariff for Part IX products utilising the Part IX Position paper and aim to maintain the prescription route of supply as the route of NHS community provision to patients
  • To continue to promote the high-quality products and services that are delivered by manufacturers 

Market information:

Number of companies listed in Part IX A, B, C & R: 461 (June 2023)

Number of product lines listed in Part IX A, B, C & R: 60,000 (June 2023)

Market values and growth – 12 months to July 2023:

Stoma £458.6m +5.3%

Continence £284.6m +4.4%

Tracheostomy & Laryngectomy £18.8m +5.5%

Trans Anal Irrigation £34.1m +12.6%