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Terry Lifts joins the BHTA to help drive positive change in the lift industry

Last Updated on 20/10/2023 by Samantha Lewis

Steve Hill, National Sales Manager at Terry Lifts
Steve Hill, National Sales Manager at Terry Lifts

Terry Lifts has recently become a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA).

For more than 50 years Terry Lifts has designed and manufactured lifts in Cheshire. It now supplies lifts globally. Each lift has been developed to enable users and their loved ones to overcome barriers, revolutionise their quality of life, allow them to remain in the family home, and to restore some independence.

BHTA recently caught up with Steve Hill, National Sales Manager at Terry Lifts, to discover more about the firm, how being a BHTA member can help better regulate compliance in the lifts sector, and the importance of networking with peers.

Starting in the lift industry

Steve’s journey into the lift industry was a “happy accident”. Originally, Steve wanted to be an electronics design engineer but started exploring more interesting career paths after finishing college. Steve soon spotted a trainee draftsman job at Terry Lifts.

I excelled in technical drawing at school and thought my dad would be impressed as he had followed a similar path when he was young, and so I gave it a try,” recalls Steve.

“Later in my career, I was attracted to field sales. I relished the opportunity to design and survey sites and loved the idea of meeting customers and helping people to get the correct solution. I could also apply my skills as a draftsman to produce drawings for the builders. That brought me to a position of being a manager, and then on to my current role as national sales manager.”

The Terry Lifts offering

Terry Lifts’ product range includes through-floor homelifts; platform lifts; step lifts; and its award-winning temporary access solution, the portable access platform lift. It offers a comprehensive and complete service, which includes surveying, preparatory works, installation, and ongoing maintenance. 

“Our offices and factory are based on a trading estate in Knutsford,” Steve explains. “Here we have our fabrication shop, powder coating facility, a purpose-built training academy and a fully equipped showroom that is open to both trade and the public.”

As the firm supplies both domestic and public access markets, it has a broad customer base. These include private individuals, occupational therapists, local authority procurement, adaptation and housing service teams, trade agents, and export partners.

Steve adds: “Our best-selling product aimed at the domestic market is our Harmony home lift which can be partially or fully enclosed (Harmony FE). The launch of the Harmony was an industry-first. Today, both are available in a range of sizes from compact to longer and wider and can be customised.”

The importance of becoming a BHTA member

One of the many reasons a firm may decide to become a BHTA member is to become part of a larger, collective voice to help drive positive change within a sector.

This is one of the reasons that Terry Lifts joined the association.

Steve explains:“We believe our greatest challenge is unfair trading. There are discrepancies within the lift industry regarding standards and certification, and this means we are not operating on a level playing field. 

“With its respected Code of Practice, we instantly recognised that BHTA can support us in driving positive change. We wish to look at how we can better regulate compliance and the section meetings will help us achieve this, providing a safe space for debate and lobbying which can be used to influence decision-making.”

Terry Lifts image

Terry Lifts had previously been a BHTA member, but this lapsed as management changed. However, the lifts manufacturer has recently evolved under the stewardship of Managing Director Dave Allen, who appreciates the benefits and opportunities of being a BHTA member.

Now, Terry Lifts is excited to support the BHTA’s current offering while sharing its expertise and experience within the organisation and its peer group.

“Our customers are also reassured by our BHTA status,” adds Steve. “It gives confidence. They can trust that we are verified and abide by the BHTA Code of Practice. This is invaluable because as we know the Code of Practice is approved by the Trading Standards Institute.”

Looking ahead

Terry Lifts’ plans for the future involve several developments for the domestic market. These range from the development of a completely new lift to a compact version of an existing lift and improving the features and design of another current lift. 

“We have incredibly robust R&D processes which involve all departments and external advisors,” Steve emphasises. “Currently, we are on track for a launch by the end of the year.”

The lift supplier will also be attending a few more events and exhibitions in 2023, which include Foundations Liverpool, Kidz to Adultz North, the OT Show, and Interlift.

Steve and a colleague will be attending their first BHTA Stairlifts & Access Section Meeting on 11 October too.

“We are very happy to be adding the BHTA section meeting to our event calendar,” says Steve. We value all networking and relish this opportunity to engage with our peer group.

“We’re hopeful that it will be both interesting and rewarding. Beyond this, we look forward to the BHTA 2024 event calendar and making the most of the member opportunities.”

To find out more about how the BHTA can support your business and how to become a BHTA member, visit this page.