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Three Pillars to Offer Better Support and Care for Disabled Children and Their Families

Disabled Children’s Partnership (DCP) launches the Three ‘Pillars’ to deliver better support and care for disabled children and their families.

Their aims “To make a real difference to lives of disabled children, the Government must make them a priority, including by appointing a Minister for Disabled Children; clarifying and reviewing the rights and responsibilities within the system; and ensuring there is sufficient funding for services for disabled children and their families”

DCP is continuing to campaign for better support for disabled children and their families and campaign manager Stephen Kingdom, set out three pillars on which to build better support for children and families.

DCP  have identified three pillars to underpin and ensure improved support for disabled children and their families.  These will form their main campaigning calls for the next year:

Pillar One

Make disabled children a priority

Disabled children to be made a priority across government, at both national and local level; and the Government to appoint a Minister for Disabled Children

Pillar Two

Clarify rights and review the law

The government to work with parents to clarify the existing rights and entitlements; and to undertake a review of the legal framework to strengthen and simplify it.

Pillar Three

Address funding shortfalls and create a dedicated fund 

The government to increase funding for health and social care for disabled children to meet the current funding gap; and to introduce a new innovation fund to support joined-up working and early intervention.

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Published: 2nd October 2019