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Product Name SnapDragon
Manufacturer Dragonmobility
Product Type Power Chair
Length 1000
Width 608
Height 1000
Weight 100-110
Controller Type Dragonmobility
Lithium Ion Battery N/A
No of lithium-ion Batteries
Lithium-ion Battery Watt-hour Rating
Free Wheel Fitted Yes
Lifting Handles Fitted No
Airsafe No
Means of Inhibiting Switch off using Main On/Off Switch. Batteries must be removed for air transport to prevent mechanical damage or accidental activation of the controls. Release battery cover using catch at rear disconnect Anderson connectors (grey) and lift out batteries by their casings (not cables). Batteries need no further insulation. This chair should be disassembled into five parts and will be accompanied by a passenger trained to do this. Control cables should be disconnected and carried in the PRM's hand baggage. 24hr telephone assistance is available on: +44 (0) 1223 454252
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Charlie Lawrence
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