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Pelican Healthcare launches new Stoma product

Stuart Welland, Managing Director, Pelican & Respond Healthcare UK

Cardiff-based Pelican Healthcare Ltd has strengthened its position as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of disposable stoma products in the UK and Ireland healthcare markets, with the launch of a new innovative ostomy pouch range, following significant investment.  

Based on feedback and insight from nurses and ostomates, the new ModaVi range has been developed to not only deliver clinical performance, but with lifestyle in mind. It has key features that allow ostomates greater independence and more control of their day to day lives in line with Pelican’s values of ‘putting the person at the heart of everything it does’.

ModaVi was three years in the making and resulted from significant investment, which included a million pounds on new machinery at Pelican Healthcare’s HQ in Cardiff. The range has patent-protected features and has been trialed extensively with positive feedback from ostomates and nurses.

The lifestyle approach is intended to be a game-changer within the ostomate market. ModaVi’s unique design includes; a new Smart Structure meaning the pouch fills up uniformly, making it easier to wear; a new Discretion Fold, allowing users to discreetly fold their pouch depending on their needs; a new water-resistant fabric, allowing users to feel fresher for longer; a new large viewing window, allowing users to monitor any potential leaks day or night; a choice of colours to help users choose one better suited to them and their attire. These features reinforce Pelican’s core value of focusing on outcomes and doing things that make a difference to users.

Commenting on the new range, Stuart Welland, Managing Director, Pelican & Respond Healthcare UK said: “We are a leader in the healthcare sector, a trusted partner to our customers, constantly striving to deliver the best possible products & service through investment in R&D and engagement with our customers. The ModaVi range is a tangible demonstration of that approach and has our customers firmly at its heart.

“This range is a game-changer for ostomates and has been recognised as such by how we are marketing the product. We haven’t taken your typical ostomy launch approach, but rather encouraged ostomates and nurses to ‘protest’ and join a ‘movement’, only accepting the best cutting-edge products; ModaVi.

“The ModaVi launch is designed to challenge stigma, make a difference to someone’s life, and not allow people to be defined by a stoma. This product provides the support, freedom and quality of life someone living with a stoma deserves. It’s a product designed with lifestyle and choice at its heart and a new website will be launched alongside the product that includes an interactive 360-degree configurator so users can explore the features and benefits of ModaVi from either an ostomate or nursing perspective.

“ModaVi helps reinforce our vision to be the fastest growing UK ostomy company by becoming the most trusted partner to those living with a stoma and the most recommended by healthcare professionals.

“The launch also complements our #BeTheChange campaign which aims to educate the public and garner greater understanding of the needs of people living with hidden illnesses such as a stoma.”

Part of the Eakin Group, Pelican Healthcare offers a wide range of innovative ostomy and continence products, including pouches, skin care products, support garments and other lines. Through its sister company, Respond Healthcare, it provides prescription dispensing, home delivery and support services to the stoma and continence care community throughout the UK. 

Published: 14th June 2021

Source: Pelican Healthcare