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In your day-to-day role as a healthcare professional, you may get asked many questions. The answers may not be at your fingertips, but you need the information to help your customers or colleagues.

As part of the BHTA website, we have created a “Resource Centre” where you can find a wide range of advice and information to help you.

Public Transport

Our Public transport section gives advice and information on train operators, ferries, buses, taxis, specialist vehicles and adaptions and London Underground.

Flying with a Disability

Travelling with a disability used to be an aspiration but this is now commonplace and airports, airlines and mobility manufacturers are continuously developing products and services to make travel a reality.

The section helps you through the travel process, with airport and airline assistance teams on hand to look after you and you product, as they try to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Travelling through an airport with a disability (QEF Videos)

There are a number of videos that take you through the airport with a wheelchair that can be invaluable to a consumer looking to take those first steps of flying, from the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People.

Get wise to flying with a disability

These are just a few of the resources available to you. Why not look around the Information Centre pages from the navigation bar on our home page, to find a whole range of information and resources to help you.