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Millie York
Millie York
Digital Marketing

Millie joined the BHTA in March 2019 after completing an Extended Diploma in Level 3 Creative Media.

Millie joined the BHTA under the government’s apprenticeship scheme as a Level 3 Digital Marketer and works closely with and is mentored by Steve Perry (Marketing & Communications Manager) guiding and expanding her knowledge in the healthcare Industry. Millie has now joined the BHTA team full time since March 2020, and aspires to continue to grow her experience in Digital Marketing in healthcare. She has played a leading role in the content management and development of the New BHTA website, developing new member and product search facilities for 2020.

Millie spends a lot of her free time filming and editing videos of her friends skating, or with her collection of pets!

As a creative individual Millie looks to spend as much free time as possible on various crafty projects involving drawing, painting, editing (photos, videos, sound), pottery, baking and much more. Her passion for creativity was noticed as a child when she won small competitions for her designs.

Millie went to college for art related studies and find an apprenticeship within the creative industry. She was the only person on her college course who did not want to attend university (which was unusual having studied a media related course). She went on to work in retail until she found a temporary graphic design job, and from there she found her place in the BHTA.