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Tri-Chair: How its modular seating offers a cost-effective choice for equipment loan stores and why it became a BHTA member

Last Updated on 20/10/2023 by Samantha Lewis

<center> Tri-Chair winning OT Show award image </center>
Tri-Chair won the Innovation Award at the OT Show in 2022

Specialist posture and pressure care management seating firm Tri-Chair recently became a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA).

Since then, BHTA caught up with Shaun McCluskey, Managing Director at Tri-Chair, to find out more about the firm, how its specialist seating modularity grows with user’s changing needs and facilitates cost-effective refurbishment, and why it decided to become a BHTA member.

About Tri-Chair

Shaun McCluskey, Managing Director at Tri-Chair image
Shaun McCluskey, Managing Director at Tri-Chair

Tri-Chair was developed by Channel Healthcare, which is a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic independent seating consultants.

Channel Healthcare’s aim is to provide a timely, needs-based, and cost-effective solution to specialist seating challenges while exceeding customer expectations.

Tri-Chair’s goal is to make life easier for those tasked with equipment provision.

Tri-Chair’s specialist seating offering

There are three specialist seating solutions available from Tri-Chair: Tri-Chair One, Tri-Chair Two, and Tri-Chair Three. They have different design and configuration options, but all models are underpinned by Tri-Chair’s chair frame.

Each option evolves and adapts to an individual’s needs as conditions progress or as users change. This modularity reduces the cost of specialist seating provision, enabling equipment loan stores to refurbish and reallocate a chair to a new user at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Shaun McCluskey, Managing Director at Tri-Chair, explained: “Tri-Chair is a new modular range of specialist seating built on decades of experience within the industry. We aim to make life easier for those tasked with equipment provision. The Tri-Chair has the potential to evolve and adapt to an individual’s needs as conditions progress or indeed as users change.

“We are working with several highly experienced distributors across the UK and offer a next-day despatch to ensure clients’ needs are met before they potentially change.”

Recycling of a Tri-Chair to a new user has a number of potential benefits not only to the efficiency of equipment provision by the loan store, but to the effectiveness of occupational therapy community service, to the user who is in urgent need of postural support and pressure management, or the hospital discharge team looking to release beds.

Having readily available a specialist chair that is suitable for those that are ambulant yet require some posture and pressure care through to those with complex sitting postures following some simple adaptations is highly important.

The intuitive design of the Tri-Chair makes the adaptations and adjustments straightforward for store engineers to undertake without the need to hold exhaustive amounts of costly stock.

Furthermore, Tri-Chair’s adaptability enables it to be recycled to new users thereby extending the product’s lifecycle, minimising waste, and helping to reduce the carbon footprint of stores. Even in this small way, the Tri-Chair is contributing to a greener planet.

Shaun continued: “I spoke to Andrew Stevenson, former chair of BHTA three years ago about our dream of having a truly modular range of specialist seating that would help the likes of NRS, Millbrook, Medequip and independently operated equipment loan stores provide the very best service to every client.

“Three years later we our very proud of what we have created and the feedback from our customers has been fantastic. We are offering the range of modular seating via a network of trusted distributors across the UK and also have export customers already taking on the range. We bring passion, pride and knowledge back to the specialist seating industry along with good old fashioned customer service which for many seems to have slipped over recent years.”

Becoming BHTA members

Discussing the decision to become a BHTA member and what he would like the association to do more of going forwards, Shaun said: “I wanted to become a BHTA member as I feel the association helps bring likeminded companies together to help focus on driving our industry forward. 

“We have supported the BHTA through several businesses through the years and feel proud to be a member.

“I’d love to see more training for members and found the pressure care awareness course ran some years ago to be one of the most informative and worthwhile courses I’ve attended.”

What are Tri-Chair’s plans for the future?

“We feel that the specialist seating industry has been stale for over 10 years with very little to get excited about,” Shaun explained. “Tri-Chair won the Innovation Award at the Occupational Therapy Show during the recent launch and have further developed since.

“We have just launched a new negative leg rest that provides 33 degrees of negative angle which is a first and will help a large number of clients that have developed tight contractures through Covid times.

“Our products will be constantly evolving ensuring we are the leading provider and will bring the passion and customer support that seems to have fell by the wayside in recent years.”

Tri-Chair is currently looking for experienced distributors in some areas of the UK. Interested parties should get in touch with Shaun at

To find out more about how the BHTA can support your business and how to become a BHTA member, visit this page.