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Wenman Healthcare Ltd Maintain Services during Covid-19

Mobility retailer Wenman Healthcare Limited managed to remain open during the pandemic even despite it being very quiet initially when everyone went into lockdown.

This in turn put strain on the reduced remaining team who went well beyond the call of duty, working extra hours to cover the gaps and where absolutely necessary going into homes affected with C-19 wearing the appropriate PPE to maintain their vital services.

Wenman Healthcare took customer and staff safety as paramount, and ensured that they issued free PPE to anyone needing it when working, visiting or dealing with them..

Covid -19 has brought many challenges, when delivering or visiting customers, and delivered any emergency supplies as necessary. One of their stranger requests , included one ladies weekly booze supply, which they were happy to arrange.

They have extended their loans and hires service as necessary, to enable customers to keep the products they needed at no extra cost.

The company team members have also individually risen to the Covid challenge using their own personal time to offer help in their community. Some offered to shop for those that couldn’t get out, man their reception when they were overloaded  and  provide a truncated first aid course for a company that was struggling as they had lost their existing trained team members and were worried should anything happen to a member of their team. The company was still working as an emergency service themselves.

There are many individual stories during the pandemic, but the company went out of our way to source a power chair for a customer with severe learning difficulties who lives in their chair day to day. The previous chair failed and therefore he was really struggling and was unable to get out of bed. Due to delays from the supplier and components being in short supply, they provided a loan chair, having to make modifications as necessary.

Ian Wenman has been proud of his staff’s efforts and even his wife has got involved sewing scrubs for the local hospitals. A great team effort.

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Published: 3rd July 2020

Source: Wenman Healthcare