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Buying with BHTA

BHTA know that it is difficult for healthcare professionals to recommend suppliers and manufacturers of products and maintain their own independence. How do you know you are recommending an ethical supplier that will look after you and your customer in a professional way? It is a question we are asked all the time at exhibitions conferences, and when we meet professionals. At BHTA, we want to reassure you, our members can help you.  Our members sign up to a Code of Practice that gives you some reassurance when recommending them to your customers or working with them yourself.

Read more about our Code of Practice here

BHTA Code of Practice

These are the BHTA member’s commitments to you, where the above logo is displayed:-

  • only businesses who belong to a code sponsor organisation can display the CTSI approved code logo. This logo means the business is reliable and trustworthy
  • our members always have clear terms and conditions. This means you know what you are buying, any charges and conditions, before you buy. It means you are protected
  • by using a BHTA member approved trader, you will have protection above and beyond, your normal consumer law rights
  • our members have wealth of experience and product knowledge, and they will be able to guide you through a product selection process, that will help you today, and as your condition or needs change
  • having a local provider, ensures you are supported for delivery, set up, after sales service and demonstrations, to ensure the product is right for you
  • you will have access to a clear complaints and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure. Businesses are regularly audited and monitored to ensure they comply with the high standards set by our approved Code of Practice
  • our members normally have a joint “BHTA/TSi” logo on their websites that enables you to click on, which takes you to the CTSi website and confirm our members adhere to our code and are approved – its peace of mind

With our Code of Practice and complaints procedure in place, we believe you can work with BHTA members directly and recommend them to your clients, in the knowledge that the safeguards to making the right decision, are in place.

We offer a complaints mediation and arbitration scheme for customers who have bought from a BHTA member and who are unable to resolve a complaint with them.  You can read more about the Code of Practice and about making a complaint  by clicking the links.

Published: 1st December 2020