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BHTA Sections

BHTA News No - 14979
Beds & Support Surfaces

The members of this section meet with the intention of raising awareness, improving education and to provide appropriate preventative interventions

BHTA News No - 14978
Children’s Equipment

With participants from virtually every area of BHTA’s membership, including special seating, sleep surfaces, orthotic footwear and stoma & continence

BHTA News No - 14977
Decontamination & Infection Prevention

This Section encompasses any business with a direct interest in decontamination and infection prevention, either as suppliers of equipment for

BHTA News No - 14976
Dispensing Appliance Contractors

Contracted to the NHS, these businesses dispense appliances listed in the Drug Tariff against prescriptions issued by GPs and specialist

BHTA News No - 14975
First Aid Medical Equipment (FAME)

Comprised of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of first aid and medical products, the First Aid Medical Equipment (FAME)

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Independent Living

Independent Living is the largest and most diverse membership section within the BHTA, supporting members whose activities range from design,manufacture,distribution,retail,

BHTA News No - 14972

The Mobility Section is a wide and well-balanced section comprising of members from the manufacturing and retail of mobility equipment,

BHTA News No - 14971

The Orthotic section includes the majority of Orthotic clinical service providers, Orthotic component manufacturers and associated material providers who are

BHTA News No - 14970
Pressure Care Seating & Positioning

Businesses in this area provide cushions and seating solutions to provide pressure relief and/or postural control.   You can read

BHTA News No - 14965

This section includes the majority of prosthetic clinical service providers and prosthetic component manufacturers who are responsible for the delivery

BHTA News No - 31490

BHTA has a dedicated section that represents Healthcare and Assistive Technology in Scotland for further information about this group please

BHTA News No - 14966
Stairlifts & Access

Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of all types of stairlifts, wheelchair passenger lifts and access solutions, with a concentrated focus on

BHTA News No - 14968
Stoma & Continence Product Manufacturers

The businesses in this section are all manufacturers of stoma and continence appliances listed in Part IX A, B and