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The Orthotic section includes the majority of Orthotic clinical service providers, Orthotic component manufacturers and associated material providers who are responsible for the delivery of services and products to the NHS throughout the UK.

These products can be bespoke or off the shelf including helmets .specialist neurological collars , abdominal and spinal corsets, calipers, trusses, braces, stock and custom footwear including for diabetics, hand splints, lymphoedema upper limb garment, compression stockings, pressure garments and many more.

An Othosis is a device designed to remedy or relieve a medical condition or disability and it may prevent the development of more disabling conditions. They are used to treat and rehabilitate patients by providing an aid to movement, correct deformity, relieve discomfort and improve movement in parts of the body.

The BHTA Orthotic section has been and is involved with many activities of research and development of Orthotic services including NHS England and both of the main Orthotic academic centre’s of Salford and Strathclyde Universities. Section members and the BHTA secretariat are often lobbying government bodies to maintain adequate funding for a very important service that not only improves the quality of life for the patients using the products but helps reduce long term costs to the NHS.

At present the section is involved with Strategic Alliance Recommendations Paper – Orthotic Service Provision, the launch of the Professional Development Award (PDA) in Rehabilitation Technologies at SCQF level 7. And a strategic alliance with the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists.

Get wise to Orthoses and Orthotics is a document produced by the members of the BHTA’s Orthotics section.